Come work with us

Here's what we're looking for


Someone who understands that things are not connected in a straightforward manner. Someone quick who can listen to 7 ideas per minute without wanting to jump out of the window. Doesn’t matter if you are a diamond in the rough or a well-trained, highly educated coder. We‘re able to accommodate and challenge any passionate person.


Someone who knows that ‘42’ is the answer to everything and someone who knows that ‘James Bond’, when pronounced in correct French, does not make for a very intimidating spy.

Driven by innovation and creativity

Someone who can train their brain to find new solutions to existing problems. Someone that can get frustrated and find the correct ways to alleviate that frustration. Let your brain storm with ours.

Love/passion for coding

Someone that feels the urge to be the architect, the contractor and the construction worker for the infrastructure of the 21st century. If you grew up dismantling computers or coding your own applications, give us a call. You‘ll love our team and our mindset.

You bring the passion and determination, we'll handle the rest. We'll guide you on your journey to becoming an absolute master in digital construction, a dark wizard of code to be revered!

Why join our ranks?

Here's what we can offer

A great atmosphere

A home away from home; we’ll make it hard for you to leave and easy to get up in the morning.


You prefer coding at night or working in a onesie? Whatever gets your brain boiling is fine by us. Few rules, many challenges and always a helpline.

Interesting projects

We don't just accept any project that comes our way, we’re on the lookout for the most interesting projects. No serial website building to be found here.

A tailored growth trajectory

Everyone is different, everyone has different needs and different goals. Together we'll figure out what you like and dislike, work on your strengths and your weaknesses.

More than market conformity

If you give peanuts, you'll get monkeys. We want to be the best at what we do, and in time, as senior developer, your salary will reflect that.

Our team is built on the principles of positivity, growth, support and cooperation. The few coders we’ve said goodbye to in the past, still come around for team building events. And that, in our opinion, says it all.

We define our path together.
Let’s make it an interesting and challenging one.